Published November 14, 2023

Author Solidigm Team


EDSFF: The Best Form Factor for Your Storage Needs

The Value of Modern Drives for Your Data Center

SSD interfaces and form factors have improved nearly every aspect of storage performance. Download our E-Book to see how you can reduce your overall TCO with Solidigm EDSFF SSDs.


What you’ll learn in our EDSFF E-Book

  1. What Enterprise and Data Center Standard Form Factor (EDSFF) is and how it came into existence
  2. Benefits of EDSFF for your enterprise or data center storage
  3. How EDSFF can increase drive sustainability and boost the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your drives
  4. What EDSFF’s smaller, lighter footprint means for your power and cooling expenses
  5. How EDSFF can reduce downtime for maintenance and replacement
  6. Specific use cases for E1.L, E1.S, and E3.S SSDs including serviceability, airflow, and future readiness

If you’re wondering whether now is the time to start making the switch from HDDs or hybrid arrays, download the E-Book for more information. From AI to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), object storage to data analytics, EDSFF SSD form factors are the right choice to modernize your data storage.

Solidigm’s QLC E1.L SSDs provide up to 61.44TB of storage which makes the design of the system highly scalable to meet the needs of AI-era applications, today and beyond.
Avery Pham, VP of Operations VAST DATA

The Value of Modern Drives for Your Data Center